FAI 3.3 released

Philipp Grau phgrau at ZEDAT.FU-Berlin.DE
Tue Nov 3 22:55:58 CET 2009


just my 2c:

> >      The reason is quite simple: It is a server with a complete
> >      different layout of the filesystem, using xfs and some other
> >      special settings. But it would be much easier if we can use
> >      fai to keep the system up-to-date...
> That works perfectly fine, just install the fai-client package on the target
> system and set the proper values in fai.conf. I'm using it on one of my servers
> and I believe several others are doing so too.

I never found fai-softupdate the right way to keep the system under control.
To make small changes to config files, just install a package and stuff like
that, perhaps the layout of my FAI configuration was not the best. But
serveral steps in the scripts should/could not be run more than once. So I
ended up using FAI for installation an then run some sort on on-all script
to do the day to day management. (Perhaps my initial FAI did not even had

One problem I had where packages that got requested by users after the
initial installation. They got added to the fai configuration, but some
times the next installation was broken, due to dependencies or that what
ever, or I forgot the according config file change.

Currently I am evaluating bfcg2 and puppet, both the next generation
cfengine to be. The Idea is to install a base system with preseeding and let
bcfg2/puppet do the rest. The outcome should be a simple (quick) rollout, a
consistent configuration based on rules. And changes of the clients are
mangened through the central config space.


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