Changing the BIOS boot order in linux

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Thanks for all the replies.
I've kept the BIOS boot order constant (i.e. Network boot first) and
changing the PXE config file to boot the network image for first time and
hard disk for the second time.


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> Hello,
> >    I'm working on a project to do automatic Cent OS installation.
> >    I've done all the things successfully except manual intervention in
> >    boot order change.
> >    I'm using PXE boot server, DHCP, tftp, syslinux, kickstart
> configuration
> >    for the OS installation.
> >    It seems in the Linux, it is NOT possible to change BIOS boot order in
> >    running LINUX box.
> >    How 'linux-fai' is doing this boot order change?
> >    I've read the FAI guide, section 7.10 "Changing the boot device", but
> did
> >    NOT get the complete picture.
> >    Any pointers/suggestions etc on "how to boot from local hard disk
> after
> >    the OS installation is done" would be greatly appreciated.
> >    Thanks in Advance,
> There might be a dirty way:
> Write a FAI script or a hook for the final part of the installation.
> This script changes the pxe configuration in such a way that the node
> does not boot locally but it boots a DOS image.
> This DOS image contains tools for setting the NVRAM and CMOS. Create a
> CMOS-image which has the right boot order. After the next reboot the
> nodes boots from a local disk.
> This is FAI independent - you could use kickstart as well.
> Follow the lines of
> Unfortunately, standard main boards vendors offer only DOS tools to set
> the CMOS.
> Cheers,
> Henning
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