Changing the BIOS boot order in linux

Henning Fehrmann henning.fehrmann at
Mon Jul 20 10:20:35 CEST 2009


>    I'm working on a project to do automatic Cent OS installation.
>    I've done all the things successfully except manual intervention in BIOS
>    boot order change.
>    I'm using PXE boot server, DHCP, tftp, syslinux, kickstart configuration
>    for the OS installation.
>    It seems in the Linux, it is NOT possible to change BIOS boot order in
>    running LINUX box.
>    How 'linux-fai' is doing this boot order change?
>    I've read the FAI guide, section 7.10 "Changing the boot device", but did
>    NOT get the complete picture.
>    Any pointers/suggestions etc on "how to boot from local hard disk after
>    the OS installation is done" would be greatly appreciated.
>    Thanks in Advance,

There might be a dirty way:

Write a FAI script or a hook for the final part of the installation.
This script changes the pxe configuration in such a way that the node
does not boot locally but it boots a DOS image.
This DOS image contains tools for setting the NVRAM and CMOS. Create a
CMOS-image which has the right boot order. After the next reboot the
nodes boots from a local disk.

This is FAI independent - you could use kickstart as well.

Follow the lines of

Unfortunately, standard main boards vendors offer only DOS tools to set
the CMOS.


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