Kernel just stops

Robert Markula robert.markula at
Wed Jul 15 10:49:55 CEST 2009

Ah, yes, reading your original posting again I just saw that you don't
even get to the NFSROOT; your boot stops after loading the TFTP kernel

It is strange that other clients can boot with the exactly same
configuration, just this one client is having issues. Did you check if
you can run Debian Lenny on this specific machine at all? Might indeed
be that the kernel is having troubles with one or the other hardware
component of this machine.

Would you mind posting the content of the TFTPROOT directory (like 'ls
/srv/tftp/fai') and your make-fai-nfsroot.conf nevertheless?


Christoph Kluenter wrote:
> I am using the nfsroot that was built by fai-make-nfsroot.
> Its the usual setup.
> Why do you think the nfsroot could be the cause ?
> Since other computers do boot with this nfsroot, I was thinking it
> might be the CPU or the Bios or something.

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