Setup FAI to other distribution

Robert Markula robert.markula at
Sun Jul 12 16:38:45 CEST 2009

Hmm, I see that the wiki page has not been clear enough on how important
it is to leave the FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP line as is. I just made a few changes
in which I explained things further about this and the multidistribution
topic. Hope this is clear enough now.


Henning Sprang wrote:
> Which is wrong - that's not how it's described in the howto.
> Do as written there - or in the other Multi-Distribution howto, and
> you'll succeed!

>> Can i setup fai server to install centos on the client. Because i want
>> my server (ubuntu 8.04) will be the installation server to install
>> ubuntu 9.04 and centos 5.3
> Descriobed in the wiki.

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