How to Set BOOT flag at the end of an installation

Holger Parplies wfai at
Mon Jan 26 14:24:36 CET 2009


Adrian Gibanel Lopez wrote on 2009-01-26 12:37:14 +0100 [How to Set BOOT flag at the end of an installation]:
> Is there any standard way in order to run:
> fai-chboot -ov hostname
> in the fai server
> just after having finished an installation in an installation client
> (called hostname)?
> The idea is to forget to run fai-chboot -ov some seconds (the time you
> boot all the computers) after having run fai-chboot -IFv.

how about using

	fai-chboot -o default

on the server once before installing any clients, as, I believe, the rest of
us do? It's even documented somewhere ...


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