fai "stumbles" over bogus error messages?

Henning Sprang henning at sprang.de
Fri Aug 28 11:04:28 CEST 2009

Toni Mueller wrote:
> my installs are still not completing successfully, although all my
> scripts run with an OK status, and although I was able to work around
> all maintainer scripts problems that I found. I'm still getting some
> warnings, though.

Some warnings will ever by there in every install.

Then, FAI uses quite simple, but not always very accurate heuristics to
declare the system installed without errors.

If the  warnings you still get do not affect the usability of your
system - if your system is already in the sate you want it to have even
with these warnings , you can add these warnings to the ignore lists.

Follow the hint from Michael to fix it then.

> I also discovered that my NFSROOT is sort of garbled,
> again, in that I've now have FAI 3.2.20 on the server, but 3.2.17 in
> the NFSROOT (this is not what I want - I want 3.2.20 on both of them).

This usually happens if on your FAI server, you have configured the uni
köln repository, but not for your nfsroot. (etc/apt/... vs. /etc/fai/apt)


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