fai "stumbles" over bogus error messages?

Toni Mueller support-fai at oeko.net
Fri Aug 28 10:42:36 CEST 2009


my installs are still not completing successfully, although all my
scripts run with an OK status, and although I was able to work around
all maintainer scripts problems that I found. I'm still getting some
warnings, though. I also discovered that my NFSROOT is sort of garbled,
again, in that I've now have FAI 3.2.20 on the server, but 3.2.17 in
the NFSROOT (this is not what I want - I want 3.2.20 on both of them).
I'm now trying to manually recover, and have generated an
/etc/fai/apt/preferences file that will hopefully prevent such problems
in the future.

Some of my error messages are bogus, and/or hard to work around.

fai.log:Skipping Module e1000. It's already loaded. (warning).

fai.log:Setting up fail2ban (0.8.3-2sid1) ...

I'm not yet sure about how to work around these.

Kind regards,

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