INTERNAL ERROR in setup-storage: convert_unit

Henning Sprang henning at
Thu Aug 27 15:05:18 CEST 2009

Mathieu Alorent wrote:
> I've found that the use of Ubuntu Hardy NfsRoot 

You're usinf fai (latest version) on an UBuntu server?

>works whereas Debian
> Lenny Not.
> Here is a difference I've seen from both systems:
>   VG Size               34.16 GB
>   PE Size               4.00 MB
>   VG Size               34,16 GB
>   PE Size               4,00 MB
> is this a bug in liblinux-lvm-perl that don't understand numbers with
> dots...?

I don't understand a lot about the new partitioning tool yet - but yes,
it's possible that dots vs. comma makes the difference.

I could imagine, that two different programs(e.g. setup storage code and
lvm tools) run with different locales, which might lead to different
decimal separators being output/expected, and therefore not match
between tools .


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