lenny install: some problems with aptitude, and/or kernel?

Thomas Neumann blacky+fai at fluffbunny.de
Tue Aug 25 15:37:34 CEST 2009


> 1. Installing a kernel using a class and "PACKAGES aptitude" fails with
> a message about a missing "initrd = yes" statement in
> ${target}/etc/kernel-img.conf
> I worked around this problem by creating this custom script to install
> the kernel later:

Why don't you use the hooks?


#! /bin/bash

# copy default kernel config file
[ -s $target/etc/kernel-img.conf ] || fcopy -Bi /etc/kernel-img.conf
-- $FAI/hooks/instsoft.DEFAULT


# Kernel Image management overrides
# See kernel-img.conf(5) for details

# don't create symlinks in boot
# don't need these, since grub offers better options
do_symlinks = NO

# prevent the kernel-image post installation script from
# issuing a warning when installing an  initrd  kernel.
#   formerly known as "do_initrd" with inverted meaning
warn_initrd = NO

[My contents is a little bit different, customize to your needs.]

This should do the trick. In short: Before the task_instsoft is run, the
hook get's called and makes sure an appropriate file is copied to
/target/etc/ . Please make sure that the hook and the file both refer to
the same classname, e.g. DEFAULT.

In a later mail you wrote there's some fallout which may be a consequence
of the missing kernel. I'm not sure this is a correct assumption, because
Debian and Ubuntu can both be installed with no kernel at all.

Try the stuff above and tell us if it helped.


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