lenny/amd64 and lvm on raid: no joy

Toni Mueller support-fai at oeko.net
Fri Aug 7 21:19:55 CEST 2009

Hi Nicolas,

On Fri, 07.08.2009 at 18:33:29 +0200, Nicolas Courtel <courtel at cena.fr> wrote:
>> Executing: /lib/udev/vol_id -u /dev/md0
>> Command /lib/udev/vol_id -u /dev/md0 had exit code 2
>> Failed to obtain UUID for /dev/md0
>> Error in task partition. Traceback: task_error task_partition task task_install task task_action task main
>> FATAL ERROR. Installation stopped.
>> Reading the mailing list suggests that I should try an SVN snapshot or
>> something. Can anyone please give me more hints about where to look?
> I know this one, look at this thread:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-fai@uni-koeln.de/msg01963.html

that's where I got the idea from, but after reading it again and again,
I think the problems are still not the same.

In your thread, I read that there was a problem reading the UUID from a
physical device (sdXY), and it was suggested that getting the UUID from
a virtual device (eg. mdX) was going to explicitly be disabled. Looking
into the SVN trunk, this appears to be the case.

Still, the installation procedure somehow wants to gather that info
from the virtual device, but I don't know why it does, or how to fix

Kind regards,

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