lenny/amd64 and lvm on raid: no joy

Toni Mueller support-fai at oeko.net
Fri Aug 7 18:20:26 CEST 2009


I am trying to install a brand-new amd64 machine using FAI 3.2.20,
with the following setup:

* two disks as two raid1 sets (/boot + lvm for everything else)
* /boot on md0, the rest in one big volume group

So far, my setup-storage file looks like this:

--------------------- cut
disk_config sda bootable:1
primary         -                200    -       -
primary         -                  0-   -       -

disk_config sdb bootable:1
primary         -                200    -       -
primary         -                  0-   -       -

disk_config raid
raid1           /boot           sda1,sdb1  ext2  rw
raid1           -               sda2,sdb2  -    -

disk_config lvm

vg uv0 md1

uv0-root        /               500    ext3    rw,errors=remount-ro
uv0-swap        swap            4096    swap    sw
uv0-usr         /usr           20480    ext3    rw
uv0-var         /var            2048    ext3    rw
uv0-qmail       /var/qmail        200    ext3    rw
uv0-home       /home        60000-    ext3    rw
uv0-var_log    /var/log        1024    ext3    rw
uv0-qmail_queue    /var/qmail/queue  1024    ext3    rw
--------------------- cut

Originally, I had the last two lines written as:

uv0-var--log    /var/log        1024    ext3    rw
uv0-qmail--queue    /var/qmail/queue  1024    ext3    rw

which is what I have on a manually installed system, but this gave me
this error message:

Partitioning local harddisks using setup-storage
Starting setup-storage 1.0.5
Use of uninitialized value $to_be_preserved in numeric eq (==) at (eval 60) line 5614, <$config_file> line 1.

      ERROR (line 34): Invalid file: Was expecting /\Z/ but found "uv0-var--
                       log /var/log 1024 ext3 rw" instead
Syntax error

Anyway, now I get this error message instead:

Executing: /lib/udev/vol_id -u /dev/md0
Command /lib/udev/vol_id -u /dev/md0 had exit code 2
Failed to obtain UUID for /dev/md0
Error in task partition. Traceback: task_error task_partition task task_install task task_action task main
FATAL ERROR. Installation stopped.

Reading the mailing list suggests that I should try an SVN snapshot or
something. Can anyone please give me more hints about where to look?


Kind regards,

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