Inconsistencies in the file shell.log

Henning Sprang henning_sprang at
Wed Jan 16 13:37:07 CET 2008

antares atlantide wrote:
> [...]
> when i'm the repertory /fai on the client fai, this is empty 
With newer versions of FAI, the mount point/point where configpsace is
checked out to, is something else.
Here, with fai 3.2.4, I have:

# the local configuration directory on the install client

written in /etc/fai/fai.conf on the install server.

The fact that actually your scripts are executed tells you, that the
configspace is really used in your installation - if it would be /fai,
and /fai would be empty on your install client, at install time, no
scripts could be run from confispace/scripts

> and i don't understand some error messages on shell.log

Which ones exactly?

> version  3.2.1

In any case, you should update to the latest stable, which is 3.2.4, AFAIK.


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