new to the list and fai

Jean Spirat jeanspirat at
Fri Aug 29 10:28:52 CEST 2008

> I don't know what kind of things might be necessary with AOE.

having aoe in the kernel does not seems to be enough. The kernel do not 
find the aoe device i think it need an aoe-discover for that :((

> But, anyway, I guess you should try it like this, and see what happens 
> - report back here or ask on irc if it doesn't work directly.
> Another things you might consider, if you use AOE anyway to mount the 
> root FS for running the systems after installation, and probably boot 
> the systems from PXE anyway, you might consider to build your initial 
> installation from a central server, just mount the root fs there, and 
> do a FAI dirinstall. 
yes i can, but i also have other setup with disk so i want both :)

the command i used is :

fai-chboot -v  -k 'aoe_iflist="eth1" root=/dev/etherd/e10.1 
rootfstype=ext3' '' demohost2
Booting kernel
 append   aoe_iflist="eth1" root=/dev/etherd/e10.1 rootfstype=ext3

Kernel parameters: aoe_iflist="eth1" root=/dev/etherd/e10.1 rootfstype=ext3
demohost2 has in hex C0A801CA
Writing file /srv/tftp/fai/pxelinux.cfg/C0A801CA for demohost2

the kernel boot and do a kernel panic because it cannot find the root 
device, but if i grep ALL the files for "aoe_iflist" none has it so 
where does fai store this part ?

The commands
find /srv -exec egrep -l aoe_iflist {} \;
find /etc -exec egrep -l aoe_iflist {} \;
return no result, are those options just sent in the wind or do i miss 
something :) ?

also if i read the fai-chboot man page it give this exemple:
fai-chboot -v atom-localboot /dev/hda1 atom03

for me it is:

 fai-chboot -v '' '/dev/etherd/e10.1' demohost1

but then i got this error:        fai-chboot: unknown host: 

strange no ?

the issue is that nfs-kernel-server is incompatible with the kernel i 
use on the fai-server so i try to find another way for me, 
nfs-user-server cannot be installed the debian fai package prevents it 
completly (why ?)  and i do not know how to force a package 
install/uninstall withtout looking at dependency in debian.

 i go back to googling.


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