question about fai boot cycle near end

kegstand kegstand at
Wed Aug 27 23:25:46 CEST 2008

So I have booted my client machine , through fai,
in client has presented me the list of the disk partitions , etc., showing me
that stuff is almost all installed.

then i see it trying to ssh to the local client machine.

I assume what I really want it to do is ssh to the fai-server so it
can run fai-chboot .

why is it trying to ssh to fai-client ?

it never manages to ssh to fai-client because fai-client is not in ssh
known_hosts , and
I dont want it to ssh to fai-client anyway.

it never tries to ssh to the fai-server .  this is fai 3.2.8.

anyone know what might be wrong ?

in this screenshot, 'sata-test' is the fai-client.


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