lpadmin/cups problem

Achim Bohnet ach at mpe.mpg.de
Wed Jan 31 15:16:26 CET 2007

On Wednesday, 31. January 2007, Per Foreby wrote:
> I'm trying to setup printers during the installation, using 
> "$ROOTCMD lpadmin ...".
> However, since the is no cupsd in the installation environment, lpadmin 
> doesn't have anyone to talk to, and the error message in shell.log is:
>    lpadmin: Unable to connect to server: Connection refused
> I thougt about adding cupsys to the nfs environment, but cupsd 
> wouldn't create the configuration in the rigth place.
> What I do now is to create /INSTALL.NEW at the end of the installation, 
> and make that file trigger "fai softupdate" at the first boot, but it 
> would of course be nice to avoid that extra stage.
> Has anyone had this problem and solved it? Would it for exampel work if 
> I started cupds at the end of the installation ($ROOTCMD
> /etc/init.d/cupsys start) Any other suggestions?

For my printer server I made a tar of /etc/cups that get's
reinstalled.  All others nodes just listen what the cups
server announces.  No need to do anything for them.

If you had to add a local printer, I would setup it like:
install the /etc/cups/ppd/<my-printer>.ppd  And the section
<printer my-printer> ... </printer> from /etc/cups/printers.conf.
During install cat <my-printer>.conf >> /etc/cups/printers.conf

I.e. no need to use lpadmin and have cupsd running ;)

> /Per

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