lpadmin/cups problem

Per Foreby perf at ddg.lth.se
Wed Jan 31 13:49:57 CET 2007

I'm trying to setup printers during the installation, using 
"$ROOTCMD lpadmin ...".

However, since the is no cupsd in the installation environment, lpadmin 
doesn't have anyone to talk to, and the error message in shell.log is:

   lpadmin: Unable to connect to server: Connection refused

I thougt about adding cupsys to the nfs environment, but cupsd 
wouldn't create the configuration in the rigth place.

What I do now is to create /INSTALL.NEW at the end of the installation, 
and make that file trigger "fai softupdate" at the first boot, but it 
would of course be nice to avoid that extra stage.

Has anyone had this problem and solved it? Would it for exampel work if 
I started cupds at the end of the installation ($ROOTCMD
/etc/init.d/cupsys start) Any other suggestions?


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