booting FAI kernel with initrd

Michael Tautschnig tautschn at
Sat Jan 6 15:46:53 CET 2007

> >Actually one shouldn't need the additional nfsroot=..., if it is already
> >provided by DHCP; however some versions of initramfs-tools seem to be 
> >buggy (and
> >I don't know whether it got fixed already) and fail to parse the DHCP 
> >results.
> Right, I fail to get an installation started when not having nfsroot
> set on kernelk command line.
> So my orginal question, if/how this can be done with getting the
> nfsroot location via dhcp seems not yet solved....
> In most situations it's enough to set it on the kernel command line,
> but it's not 100% compatible to the strategy of putting these features
> in the Kernel.

I think the initramfs-tools bug related to these problems is

- and it isn't fixed yet... I guess it's just some small bug in the scripts
running in the busybox, but I haven't found the time to debug it.


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