FAI and NFS... please help troubleshoot

Yaroslav Halchenko yoh at psychology.rutgers.edu
Sat May 27 09:58:18 CEST 2006

just a follow-up

the visible sideeffect so far is inability to determine IP address for
chboot action...

local ipaddr=$(cat $LOGDIR/boot.log | grep IPADDR | cut -d\' -f2)

why not to rely on an original ip obtained by the beast during boot?
dmesg.log:IP-Config: Got DHCP answer from, my address is

> Thank you Thomas for the hint -- it pushed me in the right direction
> after hours of being stuck ;-)

> to make store short, to make it work, I had to comment out that call to
> dhclient:

> get_dhcp_info() {

>     boot=1
> #    dhclient -lf /dev/null $netdevices >>$bootlog 2> $LOGDIR/dhclient.log
> #    killall dhclient
> }

> otherwise that call on right network interface seems to drop the box off
> the network for some reason. After I commented it out it went through
> nicely ;)

> Thank you for your help

> P.S. I am really eager to see support for different distributions (ie
> sarge/etch/sid) -- at the moment, since neither fai-setup nor
> make-fai-nfsroot take anything else than
> /etc/fai/fai.conf,make-fai-nfsroot.conf,sources.list, it gets very hard
> to implement it (I am doing it semi-automatically, have .common files
> and .$dist files incluging commongs, appropriate .$dist files gets
> copied into the main ones during setup). Also to make it clean,
> corresponding classess (SARGE, SID,ETCH) have to be defined within fai
> install process so configuration can be tuned accordingly without
> duplicating the scripts for different dists. For instance sarge
> has kernel-image and etch and sid already linux-image..

> > >>>>> On Thu, 25 May 2006 17:51:24 -0400, Yaroslav Halchenko <yoh at psychology.rutgers.edu> said:

> >     > For the client I've tried to switch to tcp and nfs v3 -- at some point
> >     > it suceeded after few "still trying" messages,
> > Have a look at this problem. Why does it only work after several tries?

> >     > May 25 17:44:18 raider mountd[4145]: authenticated mount request from node26.ravana.rutgers.edu:1023 for /home/fai/nfsroot/amd64.sid (/home/fai/nfsroot)

> >     > Calling task_confdir
> >     > Kernel parameters: ip=dhcp devfs=nomount FAI_ACTION=install console=ttyS0,115200n8 root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=/home/fai/nfsroot/amd64.sid,tcp,v3 FAI_FLAGS=verbose,sshd,reb 
> >     > nfs: server not responding, still trying
> >     > nfs: server not responding, still trying
> > Does your client has multiple network devices?
> > IMO it's in get-boot-info. there we call dhclient $netdevices. This
> > may cause you network setup to get faulty. Add a set -xv command into
> > this script, so you see what happens inside get-boot-info.
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