nfsroot/usr/lib/fai/subroutines-linux:mkrwsize() and /etc

shaulka at shaulka at
Wed May 3 01:14:24 CEST 2006

  I am using 2.10.
  An attempt to add /etc to the list of directories in 
nfsroot/usr/lib/fai/subroutines-linux:mkrw() failed in the sense the client printed
some error messages and couldn't get itself to a sane state. I assume the
reason is somehow related to the fact that the fai init script is actually stored in
the /etc hirarchy and that init expects to use the /etc hirarchy.

  The following is an attempt to get the list assistance on how to continue. My goal
is to get /etc, and possibly all the other directories that are listed by nfsroot/usr/lib/fai/subroutines-linux:mkrw():
  1. Mounted rw, probably by using the same code that is implemented by 
  2. Get it as early as possible while the client boots.

I have come up with 2 alternatives. Are there more? Which one to persuite?

Alternative 1:
  Somehow use an initrd, which will include code like the one of mkrwsize and then
  continue as usual.

Alternative 2:
 Following init.8 man page:
    2.1 move /etc/inittab out of the way and have some preliminary script in /boot.
    2.2 boot into single user mode, have a dedicated sulogin script run the code of
          mkrwsize and then continue with the usual multi user mode and the 
          current fai script.

Once again: are there other, hopefully better, methods? The methods from above are 
only raw thinking. I have no specific code written. Which one to persuite first?

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