missing fai shell script ?

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.uni-koeln.de
Tue May 2 10:51:23 CEST 2006

>>>>> On Mon, 1 May 2006 23:54:36 -0700 (PDT), fai amd <faiamd64 at yahoo.com> said:

    > problem of the missing fai shell script. this is what is causing the

    > fai-amd64:~# cat /usr/lib/fai/nfsroot/etc/init.d/rcS
    > #! /bin/sh
    > # Call all S??* scripts in /etc/rcS.d/ in numerical/alphabetical order
Yep, this is not the fai shell script.

Have a look at the last bottom line of your output. Te fai guide also
tells you which lines you should see. Or have a look at the sample
output of fai-setup -v

hope this helps.
regards Thomas

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