[PATCH 12/12] add a quick HOWTO for getting this branch working

Holger Levsen debian at layer-acht.org
Mon May 1 11:38:01 CEST 2006

Hi Sam,

On Monday 01 May 2006 05:47, Sam Vilain wrote:
> +Once you have this, you need to build yourself a vserver that will
> +hold the FAI configuration.
> +vserver faiprof build -m debootstrap --interface dummy0: \
> +   --flags nproc
> +Then you can build children with:
> +vserver mychild build -m fai --interface dummy0: \
> +   --flags nproc -- -f faiprof

Thanks for publishing your patches, could you also publish a complete branch 
somewhere? Maybe I missed where you stated against which fai version those 
patches should be applied.

Also a changelog would be nice, atm you need to read all patches to see what 
they're doing...

Also, which is much more difficult to handle, some of your patches apply 
against fai, others against vserver :-(

One specific question: whats the difference between a vserver and childen ? 
Both are vserver-vms, but the latter is just copied ? (If thats the case, I 
think your approach is too limited.)

I dont think your approach of modifying vserver-build is necessary, I just 
build my vservers with vserver-build -m debootstrap and then exec into the 
vserver and run fai softupdate. 

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