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Thu Feb 9 12:19:26 CET 2006

 I just try to install FAI 2.9 on a sarge and I encounter the following problem with fai-nfsroot.
 To install FAI 2.9, I can not do an apt-get since all the packages are in testing, so I dowload them :
 I do an dpkg -i fai-doc.. fai-client.. fai-server..
 Everything goes  well and my packages were installed.
 I modified fai.conf and the source.list.
 Then I run fai-setup and at the end, I have :
Adding additional packages to /usr/lib/fai/nfsroot: fai-nfsroot module-init-tools dhcp3-client ssh file rdate hwinfo portmap bootpc rsync wget rsh-client less dump reiserfsprogs usbutils psmisc pciutils hdparm smartmontools parted mdadm lvm2 dnsutils ntpdate dosfstools cvs jove xfsprogs xfsdump sysutils dialog discover mdetect libnet-perl netcat libapt-pkg-perl grub lilo dmidecode hwtools read-edid E: Couldn't find package fai-nfsroot
It is normal since my source.list is in stable.
 How can I say to fai-setup to look in a local directory for the paquet fai-nfsroot.
 Any help welcome
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