New FAI developers mailing list

Thomas Lange lange at
Mon Jun 27 16:06:07 CEST 2005


I've created a new mailing list for FAI. It's a list for FAI
developers. Since there's no official "FAI developer" status,
everybody who likes to help with FAI development is invited to join
this list. I may be helpful if you are a little bit experienced in
using FAI and if you like reading/writing scripts in shell/perl.

This mailing list should focus on following topics:

- discussion about new features
- experimental patches and discussion about them (post URL if patch is large)
- new misc ideas for FAI

CVS commits of the fai sources will not be posted to this list.

It would be nice if a summary will be posted if a discussion is
finished or paused for a certain time and some results can be
summarized. The subject line of this summary should start with
This summary could also be put on a FAI wiki web page. The FAI wiki is
not online yet, but we are working hard on it.

Subscribe to fai-devel by sending a mail to majordomo at and
put the command "subscribe linux-fai-devel" in the BODY of the mail,
not into the subject line! You'll have to confirm this first
mail. There will also an archive (or two) of all mails of this list.

It would be nice if postings to this list start not until next week,
so this week everybody who's interested can subscribe and will get all
mails from the very beginning.

regards Thomas

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