IBM BladeCentre and from CD install

Peter Crystal peter.c at
Tue Jun 21 07:55:34 CEST 2005

To start with.. We have been using the FAI suite for some time now
to image / reimage various IBM servers quite successfully (with
a brief interruption as we broke certain bits in the kernel we
were using).

Now we are at a point where we are going to deploy IBM Blade's
and in turn have come across a problem with them. For all intents
an purposes these are standard servers but with USB cdrom / keyboard.

Booting the FAI image works fine (although about 33% of the time
we get a AT keyboard timeout which doesn't resolve itself, but I
believe this is a kernel issue).

The problem that is occuring is in the install procedure that 
installs the classes of packages. The base Debian install works
fine and leaves a system that is usuable with a bit of tweaking,
however the class installation does not work as it fails on trying
to find the cdrom and mount it correctly. 

Questions as follows: 

Has anyone else found this problem and solved it?

Secondly, I inherited this setup and system from 
a previous programmer and I am now suspecting the
problem exists in a script instsoft.DEFAULT 
which doesn't indicate clearly whether it is from
FAI or inhouse.

Admittedly we are using FAI 2.3.1 which I suspect may be a large
part of the problem. 
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