fai-setup error

BRINER Cedric work at infomaniak.ch
Tue Sep 28 15:03:10 CEST 2004

 > does some of you can tell me if its a good/bad idea to use apt-move for
 > making the mirror ?? and if this mirror is compliant with the fai 

yes you can do it !

Finally after two days and half of digging, I found how to make it!

instead of using mkdebmirror,
juste use apt-move
and configure /etc/apt-move.conf with PKGCOMP="none gzip"

so, the <debmirror>/dists/sarge/main/binary-i386/ will contain
Packages.gz and _Packages_

and this _Packages_ is just what debootstrap need to work correctly. 
Debootstrap is used by fai-setup

cool, isn'it


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