Possibly silly: FAI served from OS X?

Nicolas Triantafillou nick at uow.edu.au
Thu Sep 23 10:54:44 CEST 2004

> Can OS X use apt-get? If there's an apt repository for OS X the main
> part may be already solved. The second questions is how to create a
> minimal system, where we can chroot into. Debian is using debootstrap
> for this, but what is OS X using? For Suse, RH and fedora there's a
> project called mach (http://thomas.apestaart.org/projects/mach/) which
> can build a chroot.
> If we can not install OS X packages with apt-get, we have to adjust
> the script install_packages.

The fink project is used in OS X for installing a bunch of ported unix 
software on OS X. It uses apt-get and dpkg to do this, so this could 
possibly help solve some things. Getting that minimal system may be 
difficult though, as the unix backend of OSX is ported from FreeBSD.

http://fink.sourceforge.net/ for more info.


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