FAI_ACTION always set to "sysinfo" for demohost

Kai Schindelka ks at zadi.de
Fri Oct 31 16:39:47 CET 2003

   Hello Geert, hello @ all;

 > > However, when demohost boots via PXE, it always ends up with
 > > FAI_ACTION set to "sysinfo".
> > Do I have overlooked something?
> Probably.
> A FAI client does three times a BOOTP request.
 > Yes, I known that you use DHCP and that I talk about BOOTP

Got it; thanks for the hint.

The installation seems to have been a mixture between BOOTP and DHCP
usage indeed; reinstalling from scratch resolved all problems. (This
happened to be abandoned playground, until now.)

I have encountered oddities, though. The dhcp3-server package has a bug
in the postrm script, and purging fai leaves FAI specific directories
behind. I will report on that later.

Bye; Kai

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