tool to generate minimal package list

Matt Hope matth at
Sat Oct 25 05:59:27 CEST 2003

[Yaroslav Halchenko - 11:09 Thursday Oct 23]:

> Hi guys,
> Can anybody give me a hint if there is such tool, because I see
> necessity in such in case of FAI.
> Lets say that I have a list of 100 packages, we can apt-install them but
> it might be equivalent to selecting just 20 of them which reside in
> Depend-tree leaves, so they will enforce installation of the rest of
> packages. Or even better if that tool would partition package list into
> were it belongs in tasksel lists and will report that if we just tasksel
> bla, that would install 20 desired packages as well as these 10 others.

In my case, I use the 'deborphan' and 'debfoster' packages on an
installed system to decide what to include in FAI's package
listing. This also has the added benifit of letting me notice packages
that shouldn't really have been installed at all.

'deborphan's description primarily refers to libraries, however with
the 'deborphan -a' command, it will list all the installed packages
that are not depended apon by another installed package.

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