FAI for Fun

Holger Levsen fai at layer-acht.org
Wed Oct 22 12:07:56 CEST 2003

Hi Niall, hi list,

> > many people use FAI to setup production servers or developing
> > environments - me too, but sometimes I use FAI just to have some fun ;-)
> Heh, been meaning to do this for ages - this is why it'd be nice to
> have classes bundled up into tarballs for sharing :-)

Thats's another idea I'm meaning to do for ages: share FAI classes ;-) 
Should be easy, though - just provide tarballs with only the files belonging 
to a certain class.

 And it's a good way of dealing with staying with woody and getting some never 
software, like I got a GRUB_SPLASH, BOOT_SPLASH, ARKADE (mame), FREEVO, KDE3 
and I'm working on IBOOK.


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