problem solved: no export entry

Paolo Pedaletti paolop at
Fri Oct 10 12:35:20 CEST 2003


this mail just to say how to resolve the problem:
2003 Oct 10 11:31:39 warning rpc.mountd: refused mount request from matinfo110.matinfo for /usr/local/fai/nfsroot (/): no export entry

even if :
cat /etc/exports
/usr/local/fai/config  @faiclients(ro,sync)
/usr/local/fai/nfsroot @faiclients(ro,sync,no_root_squash)

cat /etc/netgroup
matinfonet (matinfo110,,) (matinfo111,,) (matinfo112,,) (matinfo113,,)
faiclients matinfonet

cd /var/yp

it was a nis problem, not a nfs problem. 
(at least, it works for me)

goning on....

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