trivial problem with fai-setup

Paolo Pedaletti paolop at
Fri Oct 10 12:04:08 CEST 2003

ciao Thomas Lange,

>     > 1) fai-setup:
>     > ++ id -ng fai
>     > + logusergid=nogroup
> Normally, the user fai should be in the group fai. Maybe your adduser
> defaults are different.

hem.... yes, it'true (may be a 'testing" features, I don't know)

from my /etc/adduser.conf :
# The USERGROUPS variable can be either "yes" or "no".  If "yes" each
# created user will be given their own group to use as a default, and
# their home directories will be g+s.  If "no", each created user will
# be placed in the group whose gid is USERS_GID (see below).

# If USERGROUPS is "no", then USERS_GID should be the GID of the group
# `users' (or the equivalent group) on your system.

If I dont' want to change the default config for adduser, can I change
by hand the fai group in /etc/passwd AFTER fai-setup ?

>     > 2) in /home/fai/nfsroot/var/tmp/base.tgz : /etc/fstab:
> ??? Any problems with it?

no, non yet :-)

>     > 3)
>     > + setup_bootp
>     > ++ which mknbi-linux
>     > + '[' -x /usr/bin/mknbi-linux ']'
>     > + mknbi-linux --verbose -a ip=both
>     >   /home/fai/nfsroot/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.20 /boot/fai/installimage
> Know problem. Your are using mknbi-linux from the package mknbi, but
> you need executable from the package netboot. Please, submit a bug to
> these two packages that are using different options.


>     > there is no installimage in /boot/fai , but the client boot via
>     > dhcp anyway.  Is it correct?
> installimage is only used for bootp. dhcp is using vmlinuz-install


>     > should be (since /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server complain it):
> My nfs server does not complain. Please send me the error
> message. Isn't async the default?

it seems no more (in testing)

from /usr/share/doc/nfs-kernel-server/changelog.Debian.gz :
nfs-utils (1:1.0.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version:
    > BIG CHANGE: Exports default to "sync", that is, synchronous
    > writes.
      This is safer but MUCH SLOWER than the old default of "async".
      All exports should be marked as either "sync" or "async" to avoid a
      warning from exportfs.

> >From the exports man page:
> The default is to allow the server to write the data out whenever it
> is ready.  This can be explicitly requested with the async option.

my manpage exports
   In releases of nfs-utils upto and including 1.0.0, this
   option was the default.  In this and future releases, sync
   is  the  default, and async must be explicit requested if
   needed.  To help make system adminstrators aware of this
   change, 'exportfs' will issue a warning if neither sync
   nor async is specified.

>     > add_export_line $FAI_CONFIGDIR "@faiclients(ro,async)"
>     > add_export_line $NFSROOT "@faiclients(ro,no_root_squash,async)"
>     > 4b) why 'ro'?
> Because no client should write anything to it.

ah! ok, I thought the client write theil log files via nfs, but thhey
write it no server via ssh / ftp, right?

thank you.

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