weird ssh log saving problems

Henning Sprang henning_sprang at
Sun Oct 5 02:14:00 CEST 2003

Hy all,
i am trying a fresh install of a fai-server. i realized weird problems with
log saving via ssh:

when booting in grub with option "BOTH" log files get saving with no
they get saved in /home/fai/FAI_CLIENT_IP
where FAI_CLIENT_IP is the ip adress of the fai-client.

when booting with option dhcp (which i guess is the "correct" option for me,
as i am using a dhcp server) i get an error, saying the authetication of the
remote host can't be established,  and the rsa host key of the host gets
printed out, i must type yes twice to get the log files saved.

they get saved to /home/fai/FAI_CLIENT_NAME where FAI_CLIENT_NAME  ist the
dns name of the fai-client.

so, do you know why the logfiles get saved in different directories, why
they don't get saved without interaction when booting with the dhcp option, and
finally why the option, that would seem like the obvious choice for me,
doesn't work as intendet, but another one which i don't recognize why it's
adequate for me?

thanks in advance, 


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