Didier Richard didier at ext.cri74.org
Wed Mar 27 11:21:28 CET 2002


I'm testing the 2.3pre version from 

I have some problemes. 
Only 1 of 10 installation go to the end. It always crash. 
I'm testing it on a P200 MMX, with 40 Mo Ram. It 's the same computer on wich 
I ran the 2.2.3 version. And with the stable version, all worked perfectly. 
But with these developper's version it crash.
It crash often in the task_updatebase, but sometimes it's in an other task.
I use the same files (class, disk_config, scripts,...) that I used with the 
2.2.3 version. Could this be the source of my problems ?

an other question : why don't you use a 2.4 kernel ? 

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