woody fai-setup/pcmcia-cs may lock up your system

Thomas Gebhardt gebhardt at hrz.uni-marburg.de
Mon Mar 18 10:09:28 CET 2002


> > when I tried to build the nfsroot image on a woody (kernel 2.4.18)
> > system fai-setup/debootstrap, it completely locked up. It took
> > me some time to find the culprit, namely the postinst script
> > of the pcmcia-cs package that was installed by debootstrap which
> > in turn was invoked by fai-setup. I submitted a bug report
> > (#138309) against pcmcia-cs.
> Did you track the bug down to pcmcia-cs, debootstrap, or FAI?  Whose
> fault was it?

It was the line

/sbin/probe -m

inn the postinst script of pcmcia-cs. I could reproduce the hangup
by just installing pcmcia-cs by hand.

> Anyway, if you run into a problem like that again for debootstrap, just
> place the --exclude=3Dpcmcia-cs directive to the debootstrap call.
>     deb_exclude=pcmcia-cs
>     suite=woody
>     target=/tmp/target
>     mirror=file:/mirror/debian
>     debootstrap --exclude=$dbst_exclude $suite $target $mirror
> This way, you don't have to patch woody's scripts.  It's certainly
> admirable that you're ready to dig in and code, but if you read the
> manpages a bit more carefully, you can avoid some unnecessary work.

Yes, the way you do it is certainly ways more farsighted than mine!
I was so happy that I finally found a way to continue with the
nfsroot installation, that I did not bother for elegance. As I
mentionend, it is not clear to me, how many systems are affected
my that flaw; maybe it is restricted to my somehow very special

Thanks, Thomas

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