FAI internals

Jerome Warnier jerome.warnier at chello.be
Wed Mar 13 13:36:32 CET 2002

Thomas Lange wrote:

 >>>>>>On Wed, 13 Mar 2002 12:36:18 +0100, Jerome Warnier 
<jerome.warnier at chello.be> said:
 >    > I don't quite understand how FAI "composes" his filesystems when
 >    > installing Debian and the "installation filesystem" on the
 >    > server (NFS).  I read in the manual that is uses apt-get?  How
 >    > could I find the script or the explanation of that?
 >make-fai-nfsroot is called for creating the nfsroot on the install
That's a nice a pretty fast answer. I like it!
I will take a look!

 >potato has a base2_2.tgz file which is extracted then apt-get is
 >called in a chroot environment. If using woody the command debootstrap
 >is used before callung apt-get.
My question was specific to Woody, but I didn't mention it.
And what if the client architecture is different on your nodes than on
your FAI server?
Say, you want to install a bunch of Alpha machines in a cluster, but the
server is IA32 (cheaper disks array)?

 >Does this answer your question ?
Mostly yes, but I'm afraid you'll have to answer more! ;-)

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