BOOTP problem with 2.4.x

Thomas Glanzmann sithglan at
Thu Mar 7 09:23:28 CET 2002

I think your problem is simple to solve. You have to enable the following into
your kernel config:



Then have a look into net/ipv4/ipconfig.c in 2.4 kernerl source tree:

 *  Decode any IP configuration options in the "ip=" or "nfsaddrs=" kernel
 *  command line parameter. It consists of option fields separated by colons in
 *  the following order:
 *  <client-ip>:<server-ip>:<gw-ip>:<netmask>:<host name>:<device>:<PROTO>
 *  Any of the fields can be empty which means to use a default value:
 *      <client-ip>     - address given by BOOTP or RARP
 *      <server-ip>     - address of host returning BOOTP or RARP packet
 *      <gw-ip>         - none, or the address returned by BOOTP
 *      <netmask>       - automatically determined from <client-ip>, or the
 *                        one returned by BOOTP
 *      <host name>     - <client-ip> in ASCII notation, or the name returned
 *                        by BOOTP
 *      <device>        - use all available devices
 *      <PROTO>:
 *         off|none         - don't do autoconfig at all (DEFAULT)
 *         on|any           - use any configured protocol
 *         dhcp|bootp|rarp  - use only the specified protocol
 *         both             - use both BOOTP and RARP (not DHCP)

So you have to give the kernel the one of the following commandline arguments:


Because the default is none/off

Does somebody know if there is a way to tell the kernel while compiletime some
default command line arguments?



On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Åsmund Ødegård wrote:

> Hi there,
> I have a litle problem. I am using 2.4.x kernels because there are som
> devices I need to support, but I can only get BOOTP to work with 2.4.x, x < 4,
> and I need at least x >= 8 to support a specific device, Intel EE Pro 100/VE,
> a MiniPCI card included in some notebooks.
> So my question: Have anyone succeeded in compiling a linux-kernel 2.4.8 or
> higher with BOOTP support, which actually send the BOOTP-request. The problem
> I expirience is that the BOOTP request is never sent, hence the nfsroot can
> not be mounted, and I'am stuck.
> Do FAI support DHCP? An option can be to switch to DHCP if it's possible,
> maybe someone have some thought to share and even a sample config on how a
> /etc/bootptab can be translated into a dhcp-config.
> Anyway, I am a happy FAI user for a few years now, and enjoy the system. Still
> something to learn though!
> mvh,
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