New version FAI 1.4.0, no beta, no test

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.Uni-Koeln.DE
Thu Nov 23 18:10:59 CET 2000

Hi folks,

I'm very happy to announce FAI 1.4.0, without any beta or test in the
version number. Now the first version of the manual is included. It's
still far from complete but it's going ahead. The script fai-setup now
does the work postinst has done before. All important things for FAI
are now defined in fai.conf. This version is not yet tested with
woody, only with potato, but I will do it in the next few weeks. For
booting from 3Com network cards, netboot and a tool called imggen are
used. All known bugs are fixed and submitted enhancements are

If you installed your cluster or some computer using FAI, please drop
me a line and I will make a collection of links pointing to those web sites.

Get FAI from:


fai (1.4.0) unstable; urgency=low

  * faireboot is faster and more reliable
  * package depends on nfs-server
  * keymap created by shell script ALL (uses $FAI_KEYMAP)
  * mk3comimage removed (uses non free software), now netboot is used
  * first version of the FAI Guide included
  * use dpkg-divert to fake some programs (solves many problems)
  * yes pipes <CR> to apt-get during installation
  * all definitions from global.conf are moved to fai.conf
  * make-fai-nfs now uses chroot when calling apt-get
    so nfsroot must not use the same Debian distribution as the server
  * $MNTPOINT is mount point for Debian mirror
  * postinst tasks are moved to fai-setup script
  * $UTC, $FAI_CONFIGDIR added to fai.conf
  * bug fixed: loopback device was not set up

            Thomas Lange
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