fai 1.3.0test1 has a major bug ! Fixed in 1.3.0test2

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.Uni-Koeln.DE
Mon Nov 6 13:05:17 CET 2000

FAI version 1.3.0test1 has a major bug. If your host is running kernel
version 2.2.17 the script make-fai-nfsroot (called during installation
of FAI) will remove all files /boot/*-2.2.17 including your
vmlinuz-2.2.17 your System.map and config-2.2.17.

Please check which kernel is running on your system (uname -r). If
these files have been deleted, you have to recreate them, before
booting your computer. There's a new version of FAI at


which fixed this bug and has minor improvements.

>From the changelog:

fai (1.3.0test2) unstable; urgency=low

  * loopback device is set up during installation
  * create resolv.conf via script RESOLV instead of using cfengine
  * printers are defined in class/ not in cfengine script
  * mount nfs directories using rsize=8192
  * bug fixed: make-fai-nfsroot removes /boot/*-$KERNELVERSION

P.S: I've passed all tests to become a Debian developer ! When the
manuals are written, FAI will be an official Debian package.

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