[Seminars in Neuroscience] Online symposium on "Motor Control"_Thursday, 26. November

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Di Nov 24 11:56:39 CET 2020

Dear friends of the Seminars in Neuroscience,

I would like to draw your attention to the following invitation  
forwarded on behalf of Prof. Tatiana Korotkova for attending a digital  
symposium on Motor Control .

Best regards,

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you on Thursday, 26.November, to the  
international online symposium „Motor Control“ where candidates for a  
junior group leader position will present their research. We are  
looking forward to exciting talks and discussions.

Best wishes,
Tatiana Korotkova, on behalf of the Selection committee

13:30-14:00        Dr. Lukas Volz, Clinic for Neurology, University  
Hospital Cologne, Germany
(Re-)organisation of motor control in the healthy brain and  
neurological diseases

14:30-15:00        Dr. Varun Sreenivasan, MRC Centre for  
Neurodevelopmental Disorders, King’s College London, UK
Cortex regulates interneuron survival and integration in nascent  
striatal networks

15:30-16:00         Dr. Aaron Koralek, Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior  
Institute, Columbia University, New York, USA
Dopaminergic and Noradrenergic Circuits for Action Motivation and Selection

17:00-17:30  Dr. Audrey Bonnan, Max Planck Florida Institute for  
Neuroscience, USA
Cerebellar circuits for motor learning

18:00-18:30        Dr. Graziana Gatto, Salk Institute for Biological  
Studies, San Diego/CA, USA
Sensorimotor circuits for innate behaviors


Meeting-ID: 936 6431 4259
Passwort: 647314

Dr. Charalampos Mantziaris
Zoologisches Institut
Universität zu Köln
Zülpicher Str. 47b
50674 Köln, Germany
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