[Seminars in Neurosciences] abstract for talk on Monday

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Fr Okt 8 10:08:06 CEST 2010

Dear colleagues,
  Peter Kloppenburg kindly asked me to send you all the abstract to the talk on

"StdpC 2010: Dynamic Clamp with active electrode compensation"
Dynamic clamp is a powerful approach for electrophysiological  investigations
allowing a user to introduce artificial electrical components into target
neurons to simulate ionic conductances, chemical or electrotonic inputs or
connections to other cells. Recent development of an active electrode
compensation (AEC) method (Brette et al. (2008) Neuron 59(3):379-391) has
overcome some of the prior limitations of the dynamic clamp approach,
permitting its implementation with a single electrode for clamping smaller
neurons. I will present an AEC method for the free, fully-integrated,
open-source dynamic clamp software StdpC2010 which is based on the popular
Windows operating system. We have adopted the AEC method pioneered by Brette
and others to the variable time step "soft real time" framework of StdpC and,
for the first time, I can present a direct comparison of AEC compensated single
electrode dynamic clamp experiments to classical two electrode dynamic clamp
results obtained in the same neuron.

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