[Seminars in Neurosciences] Kolloquium 6.7.09

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Mi Jul 1 14:55:32 CEST 2009

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, dear Colleagues!

Das nächste Neurobiologische Kolloquium steht vor der Tür!
Am Montag, den 6. Juli kommen wir um 17:00h s.t. im kleinen Hörsaal des
Zoologischen Instituts zu unserer Serie
Neurobiologisches Kolloquium im SS 2009 zusammen./On Monday, July 6th
it is time for our Neuroscience seminar. We will meet in the small lecture hall
of the Zoological Institute at 5pm sharp

Es spricht/Guest will be:

Dr. Tibor Toth
Cardiff University

"Mathematical modelling as a tool to study the
behaviour of single neurones and neuronal networks"

Mathematical modelling has become an important tool in studying the properties
of neuronal systems. Its applications reach from the subcellular-cellular to
the level of large scale neuronal networks comprising a wide spectrum of
structural complexity of the systems to be studied. In this talk, we
illustrate, on the example of the cortico-thalamic network, how to simulate and
analyze the functions of the constituent neurone types by using their specific
detailed models ; and how to build large-sclae neuronal network models while
preserving the complexity of the models of the constituent neurone types by
using a random connection principle when constructing the network.

Gäste sind herzlich willkommen, guests are welcome!

Dr. Matthias Gruhn
Universitaet zu Koeln
Zoologisches Institut
Weyertal 119
50923 Koeln
# office: ++49-(0)221-470-3103
# lab:  ++49-(0)221-470-3122
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