Nonfree firmware in initrd?

Thomas Lange lange at
Fri Mar 26 20:43:45 CET 2021

>>>>> On Fri, 26 Mar 2021 13:36:31 -0400, Matthew Pounsett <matt at> said:

    > And I'm invoking fai-make-nfsroot as:
    > # fai-make-nfsroot -kv -c NONFREE

You should recreate the nfsroot from scratch using
# fai-make-nfsroot -fvN

After that, you can use this command to check if you initrd included
the firmware
$ /srv/fai/nfsroot/usr/bin/lsinitrd /srv/fai/nfsroot/boot/initrd.img-4.19.0-14-amd64|less

    > Am I missing a step somewhere?
Since you use -k when calling fai-make-nfsroot, only additional
packages are added. I never use -k, I always recreate the nfsroot.
viele Grüße Thomas

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