FAI confused by DHCP on multiple network interfaces

Steffen Grunewald steffen.grunewald at aei.mpg.de
Fri Mar 19 09:54:37 CET 2021

On Thu, 2021-03-18 at 18:59:17 +0100, Thomas Lange wrote:
> >>>>> On Thu, 18 Mar 2021 18:44:25 +0100, Steffen Grunewald <steffen.grunewald at aei.mpg.de> said:
>     > BTW, I'm using systemd's link configuration (systemd.link (5)) to rename the
>     > interfaces to eth0, eth1, ... - and am still wondering how FAI manages to
>     > get eth devices, not enp (etc.) ones...
> FAI does not use systemd during installation. That's why we get eth0
> and map this to the new nic names for /target.

Hi Thomas,

getting closer, perhaps...

Does the following (from ${LOGDIR}/dmesg) indicate that my NFSROOT is somehow

[   15.883814] systemd-udevd[1159]: eth0: Failed to rename network interface 2 from 'eth0' to 'enp1s0f0': Device or resource busy
[   15.884125] systemd-udevd[1162]: eth1: Failed to rename network interface 3 from 'eth1' to 'enp1s0f1': Device or resource busy

Or is it intended as such?


# dpkg -l | grep systemd
ii  libsystemd0:amd64              241-7~deb10u6                       amd64        systemd utility library
ii  systemd                        241-7~deb10u6                       amd64        system and service manager

(systemd-sysv has been deselected, as always)


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