preserve_* options and luks partitions

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Thu Mar 18 09:49:25 CET 2021

On Fri, 2021-03-12 at 10:26 +0100, Thomas Lange wrote:
> > > > > > On Thu, 11 Mar 2021 22:43:31 +1300, Andrew Ruthven <
> > > > > > andrew at> said:
>     > Is the reason that setup-storage can't just leave these volumes
> alone
>     > if they already exist?
> Hi Andrew,
> the setup-storage tool was written long time ago mainly by a guy
> who is not active in FAI any more. Another guy added btrfs support
> and
> I have some minor knowledge about how this tool works. But I do not
> know much about all the crypt stuff and why is was decided not to
> support crypt configs. Maybe noone though that people will need this.
> Preserving in setup-storage is not just "leave this untouched" but
> may
> include much more logic behind the scene. For example,
> when setup-storage preserves a physical partition, it needs to know
> the
> start and end sector of it because it will not leave the partitioning
> for this disk untouched, but it writes a new partitioning (because
> other partitions may change) but preserves the start and end sector
> of
> the physical partition which is marked as preserve.
> This may be a reason why it was decided not to support crypt setups.
> Maybe you will find some explanation in the git logs.

Yup, fair enough. I did start going down the path of trying to add
logic to handle preserving the encrypted volumes but ended up decided
it would be rather tricky.

Instead for this situation I'll just ignore the partitions in FAI and
fcopy in the relevant supporting files needed.

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