Install error "package1 : Depends: package2 but it is not going to be installed"

Taras Damián Enrique dtaras at
Fri Jun 25 22:16:32 CEST 2021

On 23/06/2021 07:52, Steffen Grunewald wrote:
> It seems that there are two ways out:
> (a) do not install package1 at all, just package2 - and fill in after
>   rebooting (ouch, that wouldn't be FA anymore)
> (b) change package installation order to have package2 (which is an
>   implicit dependency right now) installed before even thinking about
>   installing package1
> (c) move installation of the whole bunch, or at least part of it, into
>   a hook
> While (a) basically depends on my ability to remember that "something
> is still to be done", (b) would require a feature that doesn't seem to
> be in FAI, and (c) will become an ugly kludge (if I can ever make it
> work).

Hi Steffen,

I have been using FAI for just a couple of months, but in my opinion 
your best option could be (b).
You could achieve this by writing two simple scripts to be run by the 
'configure task' (put them under the proper directory in $FAI/scripts), 
lets say '10-scripta' installs package2 and '20-scriptb' installs package1.
As they are run in alphabetical order you will get package1 installed 
after package2.
You can get the full command run to install packages from any 
installation log file.


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