Partition type of USB live image is now "empty"

Thomas Lange lange at
Wed Jan 27 19:23:28 CET 2021

Hi Alexander,

I've checked several other linux ISO images (ubuntu,grml, Centos,
Debian, archlinux) and only archlinux does not use type 0 for the
first partition on their ISOs. But archlinux set a flag called
hidden. Fedora use type 0 but with parted I canot set the partition,
cfdisk shows the partition.

So, there's some magic in all this. In fai-cd we call xorriso with
-iso_mbr_part_type 00. I do not like to change this without knowing
it will not cause other problems. Can you find some information that
convice me that a different type is correct?
regards Thomas

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