FAI with pre-release bullseye yielding inconsistent network names

fai1107 at macrotex.net fai1107 at macrotex.net
Fri Jan 15 18:38:41 CET 2021

On 1/15/2021 1:07 AM, Thomas Lange wrote:
>>>>>> On Thu, 14 Jan 2021 12:19:30 -0800, fai1107 at macrotex.net said:
>      > I am attempting to build Debian "bullseye/sid" (pre-release bullseye)
>      > using FAI 5.9.4. The network interface names come out being inconsistet,
> Maybe you are missing this patch which is not in 5.9.4 included:
> https://github.com/faiproject/fai-config/commit/45a802ca5f0a7cc229edb4cedd1b22ab4f790ba4

I think I am narrowing down where the issue might be. I am seeing a 
difference when booting between a buster and a bullseye NFS ROOT.

I do the initial FAI imaging using a buster NFS root and install buster 
in /target. When I then run "chroot /target udevadm info 
/sys/class/net/eth0" I see about 27 lines including a bunch of 
ID_NET_NAME_* values.

I do the above again, but this time with a bullseye NFS root and install 
bullseye in /target. When I then run "chroot /target udevadm info 
/sys/class/net/eth0" I see only about 6 lines and, in particular, no 
ID_NET_NAME_* values.

I created the bullseye NFS root in the same way as for buster (I think). 
Why is there this large difference in the outputs of udevadm info?

Note that I used FAI 5.9.4 to create the NFS root for bullseye.

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