Using HTTP Boot with UEFI client

Thomas Lange lange at
Tue Jan 5 17:16:08 CET 2021

>>>>> On Tue, 5 Jan 2021 07:36:54 -0800, fai1107 at said:

    > I would like to use HTTP Boot with a UEFI client. What are the changes 
    > on the FAI server side I need to make to accomplish this?

Your dhcp server should include a test for vendor-class-identifier,
like in this example

Then you need pxelinux.0 and ldlinux.e64 in the tftp directory.
The rest of the pxelinux.cfg/ can remain the same.

In the config space examples we already have examples for partitioning
schemes for EFI and the package config for using grub-efi instead of

regards Thomas

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