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Markus Koeberl markus.koeberl at
Thu Feb 25 13:07:13 CET 2021

On Wednesday, February 24, 2021 11:20:13 AM CET Pasquale Cantiello wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm new to fai (only two weeks) and trying to use it to install a cluster
> with a front-end and 10 compute nodes. At present stage I am able to
> install all machines with related software and little customization from
> the faiserver with almost no problem.
> Now, since the nodes have a GPU card I want to install the nvidia driver
> and related sdk to the frontend and all nodes. I've downloaded all the
> files (.run file for driver and .deb files for sdk) on faiserver and put
> them in nfsroot in order to launch the installation on the nodes.
> My problems are now:
> How to prevent the installation of the nouveau driver on nodes? This will
> conflict with the new driver. I've also put a modeprobe.conf file with
> blacklist in /nfsroot/etc/modeprobe.d/ but with no success.
> And, how to use the PRELOAD or PRELOADRM command in the package
> configuration to install sdk from nfsroot? I've found no samples and tried
> all combinations...
> Thanks in advance to all who can help me.
> Best regards
>      Pasquale

I used to install the nvidia drivers with sgfxi from during 
the fai installation. But with debian buster I switched to use the debian 
packages from backports.
In case you are interested I could search for the old scripts I used.

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